Get a grip

Get a grip

The bar grips you choose have a huge influence over your control and comfort on a bike.  They are your closest and most intimate point of contact with your machine and as such transmit the most subtle hand movements to the bike.  They also have the ability to greatly enhance comfort, feel and your riding pleasure.  By cutting down vibrations, you feel less tired, have greater sensitivity and feel more at one with your bike whether you ride on the road, the track or the dirt.

With ranges of classic, custom, road and sports grips from Ariete and Pro-Grip, there is something in the range to suit every taste, riding style and bike.

While stocks last special offer: With every pair of Renthal, Ariete and Pro-Grip handlebar grips, choose a fixing method at half price.  Options are Renthal Grip Glue, Pro-Clean Grip Lock and Ariete Super Fast Grip Glue.

Since leaving home and losing access to mum's hair lacquer, we all develop our favourite ways of fitting and securing handlebar grips.  These three are very popular, so we are making a special offer to include them.

Renthal Grip Glue is the time-honoured method of attaching grips for those who feel more comfortable with the use of a contact type adhesive.  Curing time of 8 hours.

Pro-Clean Grip Lock aerosol is a very clean and quick way of attaching grips as it contains no adhesive, so removal is clean when grips are changed, and the product evaporates once applied.

Ariete Super Fast Grip Glue can be a boon when seconds are vital.  With a curing time of 30  - 90 seconds, you can change grips and be on your way again in next to no time.

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Pro-Clean Grip Lock

Pro-Clean Grip Lock

Non adhesive grip fitting spray, makes short work of attaching grips to handle bars...


Ariete Super Fast Grip Glue

Ariete Super Fast Grip Glue

Handle glueOptimal help with the assembly of grip rubbers , because durable seat increases the drivi..


Renthal  Grip Glue

Renthal Grip Glue

A glue specially formulated by Renthal  to hold grips  securely without damaging them...


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