Lead/Acid Batteries and the Law - What has Changed?

The government has added sulphuric acid to its list of regulated substances in The Poisons Act 1972. Due to this latest amendment, as of July 1st, 2018, members of the public must have an Explosives Precursors and Poisons (EPP) licence to buy sulphuric acid above 15% concentration.

what effect will this have on the sale of motorcycle batteries and battery acid?
For some batteries, there will be no restriction on their sale, either over the counter or via mail order or online. Specifically this will include all non-acid filled batteries and all sealed at source (factory activated) batteries. Broadly speaking, this means:

LiFePO4, AGM & GEL batteries

Will all be unaffected by the change and are available to purchase as normal via our online shop or face to face.

Maintenance-free (un-activated) batteries, supplied with a separate acid pack for activation are affected.

Under the new law, we are not permitted to supply these batteries as they come. Instead, prior to shipping, they will be filled, charged and tested by our technicians on site. Due to these pre-delivery charging and testing times, sealed batteries of this type will take a couple of extra days to deliver. Please factor this in to your time calculation and please don't shout at us, we are only obeying the law.

As the batteries are sealed once filled, they are still permissible for mail order/online sales.

For personal callers without a valid EPP Licence, for the majority of standard lead/acid batteries, we will require 24 hours notice prior to collection.

The biggest effect is that for wet batteries, supplied with acid pack and with breather tube leading to the exterior.

Due to the possibility of acid leakage via the breather hole, such batteries can only be supplied to personal callers. Like the SLA type above, if you have no EPP Licence, these batteries will have to be filled, charged and tested before leaving our premises, so at least 24 hours notice will be required. Once you leave our store with your battery, please be careful not to tilt it to prevent leakage via the breather.

If you have a valid EPP licence, you can buy any of the above types of battery, including those which are pre-activated, along with the separate acid packs from our showroom provided you bring adequate photo ID with your valid licence. As we are required to log the purchase on the back of your licence, we cannot accept scans or photocopies for online ordering.

What is the reason for this legislation?
In response to a rise in acid-related violent crimes in recent years, the government has added Sulphuric Acid to its list of Regulated Substances.

What else should I know?
From November 1st, 2018, not only will it be illegal to buy sulphuric acid above 15% concentration, it will also be illegal to possess or use it.

Where does this law apply?
The legislation currently applies to the UK, though this may change in the future. Wemoto franchises outside the UK will still be able to supply batteries with separate battery acid, subject to the appropriate country's laws.