Remini-Scent Gent Candles

Remini-Scent Gent Candles

Re-live the days when castor oil was king!  The days when big booming singles from the likes of Velocette, AJS, Matchless, BSA et al still vied for honours on the world stage.  The days when there was just a glimpse of what was to come as the screaming horde of Japanese two-strokes began to appear.  The days when you could still see the drivers in Formula One cars, their faces blackened by the total loss lubrication system as they wrestled with the immense power of their front-engined behemoths.

In those days, the smell of racing was every bit as memorable as the sights and sounds.  There is nothing like the smell of burning castor based racing oil to get the blood pumping.

You can bring the spirit of the time right back in the comfort and safety of your own home with The Remini-Scent Gent's Racing Castor Oil Candles.  Light one, shut your eyes and soak up the aroma to evoke memories of the great battles, the growling, howling monsters that bestrode the race tracks like Colossus, and the men who tamed them.

All Remini-Scent Gent candles are made from eco friendly soy wax and come in steel presentation cans.  These make great gifts for anyone who loves motor sport.

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