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Farkham Hall Racing
Contact: Farkham Hall
Telephone: 01291 641100
Get great deals on your bike bits & clothing, help us go racing
Farkham Hall Racing competes in the Yamaha Past Masters series. The team is running a Yamaha RD350R, YPVS dating back to 1992 for the dry with a slightly older YPVS on 17inch wheels for the wet. Also eligible to race in the series are TZR250s, LC250 and LC350 variants. Different levels of modification are allowed to make the older machines more competitive. Despite the age of the machines, the racing is highly competitive.

When you visit our online shop, you will find super deals on great ranges of parts for your bike and clothes for your body. Don't forget that every penny of profit goes towards keeping our race effort on the track, Everyone's a Winner!

If you are thinking about starting to race, or coming back after a break, we reckon you will find the warmest welcome at Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club

Save 5 - This one is serious and real.
logo image for Save 5 - This one is serious and real.
Contact: T Sandeman-Charles
Help others to live after your death
Teresa Sandeman Charles was a wonderful woman, an inspiring speaker, great business head and her personality was a breath of fresh air. When I first met her, she was also dying! Her goal before she succumbed to the two incurable lung diseases which afflicted her was to get an additional 10,000 people to join the organ donor register. T lost her battle, so it is too late for her, but her spirt lives on. All of us have the power to to help five people each survive after our death. I have been on the register for years, are you? If not, follow the link. I would deem it a great favour if you would copy and repost this to your facebook page or website.

B.U.M.S. Research Foundation
logo image for B.U.M.S. Research Foundation
Contact: Professor Hugh Jassole
Charity, Weight Loss, Bright Hair Dyes, Tattoos
B.U.M.S. is the elected charity for Farkham Hall Racing this year. We take part in fund raising activities and promote their cause at every opportunity.

God alone knows, I need their help as much as anyone, so hope that they will think well of us through our enthusiastic support.

After all, diets are cheaper than engine tuning and make just as much of a contribution to lap times.

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