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The Classic lines of the electric bikes made in Britain by Rayvolt echo the glorious days of early, graceful styling. At the same time, the technology is bang up to date. Highly advanced engineering and electronics make cycling easy for riders of all abilities and deliver pedal assistance at just the right level.

From styling redolent of the early 1900s through to mid century chic, your Rayvolt bike is built your way with choices of motor power, battery range, comfort accessories and craftsman made luggage. Book a test ride at our Chepstow showroom or have us pop round with a bike to try around your home or place of work. If you know what you need on your Rayvolt, then simply use our online configurator to request a quote and we will get back to you by return.

The Cruzer
The original Rayvolt, The Cruzer was influenced by the first era of motorcycle from the early 1900s, the counter rock culture of 1960s Cafe Racer with a twist of California Beach Cruzer. This unique design combined with smart technology (EIVA) and state of the art BLDC motor ensure that the Cruzer stands out from the crowd.
The Clubman
Love the city with the Clubman, the ultimate electric city bike. A compact and urban e-bike that combines sporty looks with refined vintage style. Always look handsome and commute in style with one of the most comfortable of Rayvolt's pedal assist e-bikes. Indeed, the Clubman will please those who love the city streets, the night and the fast life.
Cool and sexy, the Beachin' is Rayvolt's electric beach cruiser bike. A large and muscular e-bicycle for the beach and outdoor adventure lovers. Its fat tyres are perfect for cruising on the beach sand or riding dirt roads. Despite its dimensions, Beachin' remains a stable and very manoeuvrable electric bike.
The Torino
The Getaway Bike: The Torino is a variation of the Rayvolt flagship model, the Cruzer. Its sleek wide tyres, compact profile and low centre of gravity make it an ultra high-performing City Carving Speedster. Its strong and aggressive profile, with hump-backed tubing, is reminiscent of the shape of a young bull, hence the name Torino.
The Ambassador
Neoclassical Spirit, Classic, yet far from conventional. Ambassador is the most aristocratic, aesthetic bike that Rayvolt has designed to date. Delicately strong, this model combines a retro and neoclassical look with a focus on the details. This puts the bike in a class of its own that offers the perfect product for users who like traditional bicycles.
Off-Road yet urban. Compact but generous. Vintage yet modern. Ringo is a stylish post-apocalyptic looking compact bike, made for the city and the road with all terrain versitility. This practical two seater bike has a head-spinner look, that will let you be the eye-catcher of the road, while riding with someone on the back. This bike combines a great look, a comfortable position, and the features of the latest Rayvolt smart technology
This stylish vintage-looking, Cargo Tricycle allows you safetly carry 3 children, or an adult and a child, as well as all your shopping. Its low centre of gravity allows the bke to safely turn at speed unlike its competitors. With comfortable vintage leather, child seats and isofit fittings to "lock in" baby carriers, this bike has everything needed for transporting your family in comfort. This bike combines a great vintage look with the latest smart technology.