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08/05/2021: New Leisure Boating Business Opens near the Hall

"You are invited to a grand opening. On the 15th of next month, your presence is requested to join us in celebrations of our new business venture with cock tales, can o' peas and conversation with like minded local business owners.

Dress is optional, please arrive by 7pm for the opening a dress at:

Lee Quay Boatyard
Potters Knob
Court-in-the Weall
GR15 5LE"

Naturally, I was delighted when the above invitation found its way to the mailbox at the Hall this week. The wording didn't look quite right, and I discovered later that Dimitri had been using a dial-for-print service, run by a couple of comrades from the Old Country and had dictated the content over the phone. I guess nobody reads invitations that closely anyway. Once you have gleaned what the occasion is, when and where you need to arrive, and the rest is superfluous.

Since the disastrous efforts of the Farr-Quinells at running a canal narrow boat rental business here, leisure on the water has been a bit hard to come by, so there is an opening there for a well run boat yard, chandlers shop and provisioning stores to serve those wanting to go down to one of our local rivers in boats.

The Weall is a low lying area between the rivers Poty and Fondling. The settlement of Court-in-the-Weall has proudly been home to many local dignitaries over centuries of history. Potter's Knob is the main landmark, being the only hill for miles around. Lee Quay has been the only safe landing place on the conjunction of these two rivers, being sited in the lee of Potter's Knob. The name of Potter's Knob came from the tradition of locals mining the particularly fine china clay from that hill to make outstandingly delicate pottery, a local traditional industry going back to Roman times.

Retiring from a long career at sea, the dream of Captain Seth A. Driffed was to create a business from his passion for all that floats. Thus was created the Lee Quay Boatyard. With a little help from Dimitri in coming up with the name as well as the initial promotional material, the yard will soon be operating smoothly…

Similar invitations have been sent to all local businesses, using the database of the networking group that Dimitri set up last year. F.A.R.C.E., the Farkham And Rogerham Commercial Exchange now has a healthy, active membership with a good social mix, so I am sure there will be a good turnout to support this new venture. I will keep you posted.

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