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15/02/2021: Club Farkham Hall

In a rather quirky turn of events at the weekend, a new, fun idea has grown. It all started when four young men turned up at the gate declaring "we're going to club Farkham Hall". Mistakenly thinking this was a new entertainment venture, the gatekeeper rather foolishly let them in.

When they reached the house and I went to the door, there they were, standing on the steps with baseball bats, repeating their earlier mantra. Naturally interested in what was going on, I enquired of them why this should be in their minds…

It turned out that they were in the temporary employ of Shaw Todd's Turf Accountancy in Far Kington.While yes, I do have a family account there, it is the sort that only gets used on Boat Race Day and the Grand National.

However, it seems that person or persons unknown had gathered enough information about yours truly to place a number of bets, losing a fair bit of cash, which it was the aim of the young men with baseball bats to recover.

Luckily, Dimitri was on hand gushing oily diplomacy over one and all. Retiring to a back room, they left me alone to muse on who in the area would do such a thing. Meanwhile, in a deal that involved the changing of hands of a sum of money, a large bag of Oofle Dust, a mirror and a credit card, Dimitri had appeased them and gained the mobile phone number of the mystery punter.

By the time all emerged, the tune had changed somewhat and our likely lads were chanting "We've come to join Club Farkham Hall. Disregarding my protestations that there is no Club Farkham Hall, Dimitri simply waved his hand, explained that there is now, and that I had better get started on some activities for the members.

So that is how it came about. There is now a Club Farkham Hall, which is open to anyone to join and carries the following benefits:

  • Exclusive offers of Members Only clothing and branded goods
  • Regular updates of online shop motorcycle spares news and offers
  • Special prices in our online shop on a wide range of biking consumables
  • Membership of our affiliate programme for
    • Direct commissions on online shop sales
    • Regular fun gifts and promotions against top referrers of traffic to our site
  • Opportunities to attend team events, training/test days, race meetings etc.
  • Advance notice of new stories in the Squire's Blog
  • Exclusive advance notice of new features and functions on the Farkham Hall site
Just pop along to our contact page and tick the box 'Join Club Farkham Hall' before sending the form and leave the rest to us.

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