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21/06/2020: Local animal rights group protests against visit of Dalai Lama

A group of animal rights protesters is threatening to disrupt the planned visit of the Dalai Lama to the hall when lockdown is over.

They claim that his name is direct infringement of the Llama's copyright and misuse of their personal data that will cause immense distress and offence to the animals who live on the estate.

Mr Al Packer of the Copy Right for Animal Protest said "All animals have a right to the unique use of their names, and that Mr Lama shwoed flagrant disregard for the suffering that his mis-use of the name would cause these sensitive animals.

His response to the question of the word 'Lama' being spelt differently in this case, he sneered "How stupid are you? Surely you know that Llamas can't read!", then stomped off leaving the Tintern Pravda reporter to muse on the prospect of a Llama reading, only to dismiss the thought as the wouldn't be able to hold a book…

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