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27/09/2019: Sinister goings on behind recent events near the Hall!

I had a worrying call from Inspector Sargent at our local police station today. Confusing? I suppose it is a bit. You see, it was all easy to understand when Inspector Tickette ran the station, Sergeant Sargent manned the front desk and Constable Constble pounded his beat of the area surrounding Farkham Hall. Colin Allkars ran the switchboard and everyone knew where they stood and to whom they were speaking…

Then, Inspector Tickette retired, Sergeant Sargent got promoted into his post, Constable Constable got made up to Sergeant and Inspector (formerly Sergeant) Sargent's son joined the force as Constable.

Anyway, I digress. Inspector Sargent was asking if I knew of anyone with a motive to harm the recently visiting Old Bishops Fancy Scouts. Well, of course I didn't. They are from far enough away to not even know anyone local, let alone cause them to hold a grudge. I had to ask why, of course.

It seems that the report he received from Assistant Chief Fire Officer Lyndon Bridge at Stopham Burning indicated that some equipment at both sites had been tampered with, giving cause to believe that arson was at the bottom of the blaze rather than incompetence on the part of Paul Watt-Cable, the colourblind volunteer electrician. Forensic scientists were being brought to the scene of the blaze to gather evidence. Meanwhile, he or Sergeant Constable would be getting in touch with as many people as possible with connections to the incident in an attempt to identify suspects.

It seems that there is also the possibility of criminal negligence charges against Major Farr-Coope and Dimitri as the timber preservative used, Pentachlorophenol in No2 fuel oil, increases the flammability of timber fourfold and is not approved for any buildings used for human habitation, being intended only for sheds and fences.

All in all, it sounds like a few people are in a spot of bother over this episode. The insurance company is looking at Major Farr-Coope's claim very closely and it seems that Dimitri is currently hiding from some of his Old Country colleagues who blame him for the destruction of their UK demonstration site. Naturally I will keep you posted.

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