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22/08/2019: Farkfest 2019 is taking shape.

Dimitri virtually danced into my office today at the Hall. He was waving a CD. "I've found the perfect act for Family Field at Farkfest", he gloated.

The cover showed a pastoral scene, with a respectable middle aged gentleman standing in front of Glastobury Tor. "Listen to some of these song names", he continued... "Fun on the Farm"... "Down on Glastonbury Farm"... "Country Boy"... "Farmers' Market"... "They sound perfect for the Family Field".

Naturally, I trust Dimitri's judgement in all such matters so gave him the go ahead to book Henry Buckton with all due dispatch. In truth, with the impending visit of Berndt Oofengloof and the newly patched relationships with Friends of Oilmen's Dene in Potymouth, bringing the visit of Old Bishops Fancy Scouts, I had been neglecting the annual treat that is Farkfest. Good job Dimitri is on the ball.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and sat back in my antique leather chair, pondering on how good life was while Dimitri made the necessary arrangements.

Berndt Oofengloof is due to arrive in a week, with his entourage and equipment, then while he is here, the Old Bishops Fancy Scouts will be arriving as the first honoured guests of FOAD Potymouth. This is going to be a good summer...

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