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26/04/2018: Roosevelt Truman (Call me RT) Farr-Teigh

Dimitri really must stop bringing back strange people that he meets in casinos! I mean dash it all! This latest one is an American of all things! He claims to be able to revolutionise our branded goods business overnight.

He has already got us into print on demand and drop-shipping, whatever they may be.

It seems that by using his new fangled methods, we don't have to worry about minimum order quantities or having all our stock in the wrong sizes any more.

Well, only time will tell if he is right I suppose. meanwhile he has been busying himself rushing around the estate, taking pictures of farm equipment, buildings and the old family jalopies, then making them darned unrecognisable and whooping about how they will look good on a teeshirt.

I just hope that he is right as all the proceeds from such sales go toward making the Farkham Hall race bikes live and breathe for the season.

Check out his work here in our new online shop.

Weirdest thing is, the dashed infernal chap reminds me of three old time celebrities all at once. Free teeshirt for the first person to email me with their identities.

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