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05/06/2016: An Eccentric Visitor to the Hall Brings New Products

The distinctive rumble of a big British single came to a halt outside the Hall ealier on today. The door opened to reveal a striking gent dressed in a leather greatcoat, pisspot helmet and brown gauntlets. An aroma of castor based racing oil pervaded the office atmosphere as he reached into a pocket of his greatcoat to produce his business card (pictured here) with a flourish.

Introducing himself simply as the Remini-Scent Gent, he told me of their range of motor sport scented candles. if you get nostalgic when the scent of such racing oils fills the air, these are the ideal thing to have around so that you can enjoy them at any time.

As a bit of a dewey eyed nostalgist myself, this eccentric visitor found himself leaning against an open door, and I placed an order for an initial batch of castor oil based candles, which will be with us before the end of June. You can pre-order now to make sure of getting yours. They will make great gifts for all motor sport enthusiasts too, so treating friends and family will be easy. Take a look in our online shop.

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