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01/04/2014: Technology funding research opportunity

In what is being heralded as one of the greatest breakthroughs since Edison, Professor Juan Kerr, visiting from the university of Madrid is now looking for international partners to fund the progress of his latest research. Sales benefits of many millions of units are potentially available to research partners.

The picowave cooker being proposed by Professor Kerr cooks a thousand times as fast as a conventional microwave, using only a fraction of the electricity. The shorter wavelength leads to inherently higher local energy levels in the cooking area that cooks food thoroughly all the way through in seconds.

The research based in Farkham University Technology, Innovation, Learning and Electronics (FUTILE) centre is aimed at addressing a number of world problems as well as giving serious commercial advantage to research partners in consumer goods markets.

Professor Kerr claims that the picowave cooker will so efficient, that very often the food placed in it will be cooked before the switch has been pressed. This can benefit both the developed and the developing world where energy is scarce and food hygiene is one of the most difficult things to maintain.

The real key to the innovative research is the reversible nature of Professor Kerr's device. By placing raw food in the cooking area and choosing the reverse option, food can be instantly frozen for storage, cutting down the amount of time that it is exposed to airborne bacteria before being safely put away in the freezer.

Moreover, the reverse cooking function can cut down on food waste, currently believed to account for over 30% of all food sold in the UK. The research points to the major benefit of this technology being the ability to put leftover food in the picowave oven, select 'reverse' and within seconds, it will be raw again.

For more details of how to get involved in this cutting edge research, simply email us or buy a Farkham Hall teeshirt online to help keep us racing :-). Happy April 1st

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