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05/02/2014: Help stamp out Myarsis Senormus

In the continuing family tradition of support for science, the Farkham Hall estate is now supporting a new research group at Farkham University (FU). Led by Professor Huw Jassle, the team is receiving funds from the British Universities Myarsis Senormus (BUMS) research foundation.

Myarsis Senormus is an affliction suffered by many with some of the most disturbing symptoms being an inability to work, or to pass a McDonalds without going in, as well as the overwhelming desire to wear animal print leisure suits and training shoes that will never see the action for which they are intended.

Many female sufferers seek to attract the male of the species by covering their bodies in tattoos that spread and distort horribly as the condition progresses to its inevitable conclusion.

The research team will be based in some outbuildings here at Farkham Hall and for our part, funding will be helped through a contribution to the Myarsis Senormus fund with each sale of a Farkham Hall teeshirt. Please help to get to the bottom of this biological mystery by ordering online today. Funds will be shared equally between keeping my racing efforts going and stopping Myarsis Senormus from spreading any further. All contributions are welcome.

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