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24/11/2013: FarkFest 2014 is go!

Timed to coincide with the Pagan festival of Beltane, next year's FarkFest promises to be the best ever. From Thursday, May 1st to Sunday May 4th, music lovers of all kinds will find something to delight them at this popular event. Permission and temporary licences were granted by Farkham Council almost unanimously; the only dissenting voice came from Ivor Parrish, the AppallingVicarBastard of the Farkhams, who objected on the grounds that his church borders the festival site and he was concerned about maintaining solemnity at a wedding on Saturday and his regular service on Sunday. He was overruled.

There will be three main stages:
The origins of the festival lie in Folking it up, so this is still the most important feature of the event and top-line folkies have already committed to perform.

For those whose tastes are a little more electric, rock bands will be playing at FarkFest for the first time. Look out for some big names!

Ever since the fierce rivalry broke out between EffinEff, Thirty Bob and MC Squared, the Farkhisti have been looking forward to a rap-off. This will be it.

The venue will be in the South Fields of Farkham Hall Estate, between the hall and the Church of St Olav the Ignominious. There will be plenty of on-site camping and stunning views of the countryside for all to enjoy while soaking up their favourite music. On Thursday night, Beltane will be marked with a traditional fire and Maypole dancing to celebrate the mystery of the Sacred Marriage of Goddess and God.

The organising committee comprises:
F&A Farr-Quinell (Logistics and Artist Liaison) fafq@farkhamhall.co.uk
Gino and Gina Forchinelli (Catering) ggfood@farkhamhall.co.uk
Dimitri Varkov (Marketing & Promotion) varkovandi@farkhamhall.co.uk
Plus of course, myself, general factotum without portfolio

Email us now for details of advance ticket sales to make sure you don't miss out on this event.

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