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09/10/2012: Be careful what you search for
Recently the Farkham pooch was a little off colour, and the local vet has retired. The answer was simple, search the wonderful world wide web for someone who could cure my animal so set about Googling furiously for just such a person.

Eventually, a dog curer was located, luckily not far away, just the other side of Far Kingtown. Duly, the ailing pooch was loaded into the Farkham jalopy and we headed over to meet the nice Mr Armoo Pacowzass. Thinking that he must be a devotee of the James Heriott school of veterinary surgery, I looked forward to having the family canine cured and restored to full health.

On meeting Mr Pacowzass, I thought his white coat was a bit grubby, but guessed that he had had a busy night. When asked how long it would take to cure the family poodle, his reply of two weeks seemed rather a long time for such a minor ailment, but he assured me that Fido would be fully cured, so I left him to their miniistrations.

Come the day to collect the cured animal, I drove to Armoo Pacowzass' premises with great anticipation. Well, you can imagine my surprise...

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