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Welcome to the Farkham Hall Wurzeliser. With Farkham Hall being very agricultural, we revel in the lovely language of the people we work with each day. Now you can send someone nice your own message in genuine Yokel gobbledigook!

Relax, pour a nice drink and complete the fields below. This page does not collect your personal data in cookies or any other way. It is purely for fun and getting messages from each other. Of course, you can also send gifts from the Farkham Hall stores, but only if you're feeling especially generous.
'Ere 'n'aall! 'Ello moi baabber, glaad you'm aat Farkham 'aall Wurzeliser. With Farkham 'aall been' reet aagriculturaal, us'n revel in the luvli laanguaage ov the people us'n work with eaach daay. Now you caan sen' zumeone grt lush yor'n own messaage in genuine Yokel gobbledigook 'n'aall!

Relaax, pour un grt lush zgrumpee aan' complete the vields below. This paage does not collekt yor'n perzonaal daataa in cookies or aanee other waay. It am purelee vor vun aan' gettin' messaages vrom eaach other. Ov course, you caan aalzo sen' givts vrom the Farkham 'aall stores, but onlee oiv you'm veelin' especiaallee generous.
Thaank you 'n'aall!

I 'ope you enjoee sendin' yor'n messaage.

Don't vorget the new raange ov clothin' aan' givts in the Farkham 'aall Stores.

All proceeds go to our bike teaam, zo spreaad the joy.

Cheers moi'n dyrs

Squire Farkham
Ready to go?

Once you have typed your message above, click on Wurzelise Me to complete the translation. If you don't like it you can always come back and edit before sending.

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