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Farkham Hall It's a Country E-State of Mind

As the long standing squire of Farkham Hall, I find it useful to retreat there when the modern world just gets a little bit too much. Farkham Hall is more than just an imaginary country house, it is a complete country e-state of mind.

Remember, when it all gets a bit too much, just close your eyes and picture yourself approaching the impressive main doors, ready to close them behind yourself, take a deep breath and think Farkham Hall. You will feel better in no time.

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It's your hall, have it your way!

As Farkham Hall only exists in the mind, it can be as grand or as humble as you wish. There can be as many wings, grand halls, staircases, ballrooms, libraries, dining halls, music rooms, playrooms, games rooms, bedrooms and outbuildings as you wish. You can have as many or as few staff as you want, and there can be any number of strings of polo ponies in the stables (or any other kind of animal you wish).

The important thing is that as this doesn't exist, try as they may, there is nobody in the world that can take it away from you or mar your pleasure of ownership. Now, there aren't many things you can say that about are there?

Stop Press!
The hot news buzzing around the Hall is that we have finally found a suitable UK based supplier of limited edition teeshirts, hoodies, mugs, bags and all the other Farkham Hall branded goods, so our shop has been re-enabled. The first supplies are due here in a couple of weeks as we are starting afresh working with a new team, but there is nothing to stop you pre-ordering to make sure you are first in line when they land!

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